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Faking shrimp cocktail

  • I forget how nice Seattle gets in the summer. Winter sure is a downer, but once it starts to get nice it gets nice.
  • Diet drinks (or rather, the fake sugar replacements) are starting to scare me. I have almost completely cut diet sodas and drinks out of my diet.
  • When out of shrimp, I can attest for imitation crab being a suitable replacement for the shrimp portion of shrimp cocktail.
  • Does anybody actually buy pre-made cocktail sauce? Ketchup + Horseradish is not hard.
  • I’m being patient until I get around to trying green tea + ginger ale. When I do get around to it, though, I’m not sure whether I should try it cold or warm. Heat up the soda or cool the tea?
  • Lists are beautiful.
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