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Doin’ the Blip Bloop

Ah, here we go again. To another domain name! I had second thoughts hosting my blog/journal on the home page of so I moved it and my tumblelog over here.

Welcoming Bleep

I’ve also set up a new site! I finally broke down and set up a dedicated music blog. It will be a place that I can write about the new music I’m listening to, rant about things happening around the music scene, and whatever else seems appropriate. I think I’ll primarily use it to post mp3s of new interesting tracks, but it will also now be the home of my radio archives and mixtapes as previously hosted at poorleno.

I’ve named it Bleep so as to make the url It’s funky!

Check out Bleep!

And there we have it — a new site. I hope to rant here more often with smaller posts than was happening on When it comes time I may put together a “featured” section of popular content (if that happens. ;)).


Feeding Time!

As you might have already seen I’ve started posting little mini-posts quite frequently. As others have done, I’m calling them “Asides” and with this move I have removed my links from the sidebar and will expand on links I think are relevant to post. These Asides are for a sort of in-between type of post akin to my more useful (oxymoron?) tweets on Twitter. They may contain random bits about me life, interesting things I have noticed around, interesting ideas which I don’t feel like building a full article out of, simple links like were on my, events, or whatever else. It’ll be an experiment.

Now that there will be a much higher volume of content I didn’t want to completely bombard everyone with updates in their feed readers so I have put together a set of feeds so you can subscribe to whatever sub section of Articles and Asides you like. You can check them out on the sidebar.

Please let me know what you think. If you have any suggestions or comments leave me a comment or get in touch via my contact form.

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