Home Stretch

10 days from now I will be completed with the last quarter of classes remaining in my undergraduate degree. It’s hard to really comprehend right now, but overall I’m stoked.

Today marked my last class slide presentation (my final capstone project presentation) which, while it was overly text heavy, went relatively well. It was the last time I will have had had to present in front of class for school. Whoa.

The college experience has been absolutely monumental so far and I’m really going to miss it. It is easy to take for granted the welcoming attitudes that come with being in school. My program, professors, advisors, and peers provide such a wonderfully comfortable safety net. Sometimes it gets overly stressful and sometimes it seems like assignments and exams are out to destroy me, but once they pass it’s is obvious that they really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I’m not forced to compete. The reason I’m here is to learn.

That said, I’m stoked to be done. Mavenry is chugging away beautifully and I’m more than ready to dedicate myself to a life of entrepreneurship. I can’t wait to focus less on completely academic requirements to learning about what I want to learn about when I want to learn about it. I can’t wait to be completely responsible for my financial well being. I can’t wait to have complete control over my schedule and what I choose to spend my time with. I can’t wait to spend a week straight on my own projects without having to procrastinate on achieving relatively inflexible academic requirements.

I still have a business plan to co-write, a culminating capstone report to write, a large capstone poster to finalize, and two rather difficult exams to prepare for for my human sexuality class. It’ll be a busy week and I’m ready. Here I go.


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