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My van adventure

It’s been a year and a half since my last blog post here and wow a lot sure has happened!

I was living in Wallingford in Seattle until early last year when I decided I would purchase a VW Vanagon Westfalia and subsequently move into it. I purchased the van in February and after lots of maintenance to get the van into a good state of affairs, I decided to move into it for sure. I officially moved out on the 30th of April after putting everything in a storage unit and have been living out of it since.

Me and my van

Van on the water

Me and Melvin

The decision came from a realization that I didn’t spend a lot of time at home and I didn’t have much reason to pay rent. Combine that with a growing desire to travel and it all just made sense. When I moved out, I was renting an office in Fremont which I continued to rent to give me stability during my transition. Initially I spent my time around the Seattle area, mostly in the Fremont and Ballard area moving daily and having a great time bumming around. On May 31st, after cleaning out my office, I headed south to start my journey by attending Open Source Bridge in Portland, OR. I spent the subsequent 2 months hanging out and driving as far south as Monterey before heading back to Seattle in late July. Come November I headed South once again and I’ve been on the road since. I spent most of the time in Berkeley, CA then made a last minute decision to volunteer and drive to Austin, TX for SXSW which just completed. I’m in Austin deciding what’s next, now.

It's finally up!

It’s been a great adventure and a lot of fun. I recently installed a 64 watt solar panel on the roof that charges my 55AH house battery so I able to be completely off grid as far as electricity goes to work normally if I want which makes my options much less uncertain in terms of power availability. I’ve been sticking with urban areas where I can spend time with good people and attend interesting events which has been great so far. My second summer in the van is nearing and I plan to head North to Boulder, CO soon. My dates are flexible and my in-person commitments non-existant which is a bizarre feeling that I’m still, even after almost a year, learning to embrace. I’ll probably spend at least a couple weeks here now after an amazing SXSW experience where I hope to hit up some coworking spots, get some good bike rides in and meet up with some more of the locals. It’s summer weather (for me, mid-80s) and I’m wearing sandals almost every day. Life is good.

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