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What I’ve been up to

Hey all. Realizing I’ve all but abandoned this blog, I figured I’d make a note about what I’m up to these days.

Since finishing school last April, I’ve spent most of my time focusing working on Mavenry‘s product which we’ve now finally deployed our first version on a production server and are beginning to send out logins to people we’ve been in talks with during development. It’s an exciting time for the product and for us to get people using what we’ve put our blood, sweat and tears into for so long.

Otherwise I’ve been doing freelance and contract web development off and on. At this point I’m pretty much exclusively working with Ruby and Rails both of which I’m dearly enamored with. I’ve done some smaller projects, worked for a few months with a past employer Practice Partner, done some fun work building an interface between an ecommerce app and vending machines (Ruby and Rails), and am currently working with a local startup HelpHive where I’ll be developing for their Rails applications.

Life otherwise is great. I was sharing a house with 3 others near Green Lake for the past year until June when I moved back to the U District subletting with a friend from high school through next month. I’m not sure where I’ll end up in September, but it’ll sure be an adventure!

Day-to-day I’ve been hopping around between coffee shops most days working on my trusty laptop and trying to spend as much time as I can enjoying summer and friends. I’ve faded uncomfortably far from my music interests, but hopefully after my next move I’ll be able to craft a work environment where I can spend more time listening to new music from my collection instead of just for ambiance via cafe music or pandora like I’ve been doing lately.

A few months back I took a last minute trip to Las Vegas for RailsConf due to winning a raffle from Gary’s List for a free ticket to the conference. I had a great trip which in turn inspired me to hone my craft even more with Ruby and Rails and to do more traveling. So I found the perfect way to combine the two (thanks to the extremely generous Tobias Crawley whom I met at RailsConf) and will be taking a 11 day trip to Asheville, North Carolina late August where I’ll be joining a team of Ashevillians for a Rails Rumble project and then carpooling down to Nashville, Tennessee the following weekend to attend the Ruby Hoedown. My next trip will probably be down to the bay area to bum a place to sleep from a few people I know down there and to do some coffee shop laptoping during the week.

And now, randomly, some recent favorites:

  • Tea (loose leaf)
  • Peaches (the fruit)
  • Rice “milk” (trying to reduce my cow milk consumption)
  • Poached Eggs (my primary breakfast item these days)
  • Bibio (the music artist)
  • Sandals (for your feet)
  • Using conditioner and shampoo separately (as opposed to the magical combination called Pert that I used to use)
  • foursquare (the web service/iPhone app)
  • Doodle Jump (the iPhone app)
  • Porters (beer), though I’m still more a fan of IPAs
  • Cafe Allegro (coffee shop in the U Dist, where I’m typing this from)
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