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Should I choose RSS or Atom?

Who cares? I don’t. I bet if I asked everyone I had contact info for, only a few would prefer one or the other (though hopefully one in particular).

Why do sites like Flickr still offer both as an option? I consider myself more knowledgeable than most on the matter simply because I know what the two represent, let alone what the technical differences are. And that being so, it makes no sense to put both standards (if not different versions of each) in the auto-discovery tags, especially for big sites like Flickr and consumer blogging software like WordPress. Only a rare developer building an application might care, and even in that relatively rare case I could reasonably assume they would be willing to read some developer docs. For the rest of us, our feed readers could care less. So please stop confusing us.

This seems like a dying issue. And then I see it on sites like Flickr! Tisk tisk.

Breakfast is not satisfying

What do most people eat for breakfast? Correction: people is too broad to be conclusive of my situation so lets make that americans. And, while I can’t reasonably guess, I’d be curious how averages differ from healthy and/or successful people.

I am to believe purely based on observations and penetration on grocery store aisles that most americans usually eat cereal or oatmeal when at home, probably with a glass of milk or juice on the side.

That being said, time and time again I have been told that our breakfast meal should be high in protein — an ingredient, as far as I can tell, that is not not highlighted in what I assume most people eat here. Maybe I’m just out of touch with what people eat at home. A better sample should be what I see at public places, right?

This brings me to my observance of the most easily attainable on-the-go breakfast items I see at coffee shops/stands and markets — the overwhelmingly likely choice for the between home and office breakfast-goers. So, what do I see? Bagels, muffins, scones, and pastries. WHAT?! Why so bread heavy? I must not be telling the whole truth. No. That is pretty much all I see. On a rare occasion maybe a place has some fruit or a parfait, but like I said, that is rare. Is it purely the difficulty of storing and creating more meaningful/healthy foods? I’m not satisfied or convinced as to why we, as on-the-go breakfast eaters, don’t have better options.

As I’ve tried new and different options, I’ve come to what I consider my ideal breakfast: a sandwich composed of a wheat english muffin with pan grilled ham, and a fried egg; and on the side, a cup of orange juice and a multivitamin. I’m feelin’ good and ready for the day just thinking about it.

But my ideal breakfast rarely happens. If I’m really on top of things, I’ll have this maybe a week a month coinciding with a trip to Trader Joes to buy their delicious english muffins. Once the muffins are obtained, my one man food store must contain enough non-expired eggs (rare) and lunch meat to fill 6 breakfasts.

And so I just eat cereal or oatmeal (I can buy them in bulk, less frequently) or at a coffee shop. Put another way, I eat grain, oats, and bread for breakfast and it is never satisfying or energizing.

It’s a shame. It seems like an obvious, untapped market, doesn’t it?

Poorleno Mixtape #8

Wow, it has been long time since I posted a Poorleno Mixtape (or any blog posts for that matter). With a refreshed design and a combining of my blog, mixtapes, and radio archives, lets not let that time waste any longer. Here you go!

  Name Artist Album
1 Fly Hawaii Luke Vibert & BJ Cole Stop The Panic
2 June Evenings Air France No Way Down
3 I Lust You Neon Neon Stainless Style
4 Politiska Dikten Atervander Kim Hiorth√ły  
5 Ethnic Majority Nightmares On Wax Carboot Soul
6 The City Milosh Meme
7 Way Out Ellen Allien & Apparat Orchestra Of Bubbles
8 Valletta Fanfares Vitalic OK Cowboy
9 Run Into Flowers M83 Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
10 Cops at my door DRONE Hifi Power Break Pop
11 Sit & Chuckle Jahcoozi Blitz ‘n’ Ass
12 Deserter (Four Tet Remix) Matthew Dear Deserter 10”

Run Time: 42 minutes, 25 seconds

DOWNLOAD: (V0 MP3, 73.2MB)

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