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Condensed thoughts on Pownce

I originally wrote this as a comment in reference to another post by An Bui but wanted to record these thoughts here as well.

Pownce (me) is an interesting application because it doesn’t have or really in any way (in my observation) try to compete with the ubiquitous input that twitter has but still tries to capture that need for messaging small bits of information with friends.

I don’t see it’s usefulness as a text/event messaging platform just because it doesn’t exist in the “always on” environments that something like twitter does or even other apps with a mobile presence (pownce doesn’t have one) but instead as a platform for sharing files and little bits of information that need (important) to be private for some reason (meaning only viewable among friends) and viewable at any time interval even up to several weeks between visits.

I currently use Pownce solely as a file transfer mechanism to transfer files, mostly music, that I’d like my friends to have or see in a protected environment but don’t really matter.

The problem is that you can’t see messages that you post privately to your friends from before you defined that relationship in their application which is too bad for the use I have for the site.

Rainydawg Radio, Season 3, Show 3

Name Artist Album
1 Jah Red Gold And Green Disrupt Foundation Bit
2 Horizon Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Rubicon
3 Ready For The Floor Hot Chip Made in the Dark
4 Hielo Sobre Arena Garnica Addicted Vol.2 Mixed by Gui Boratto
5 These Few Presidents Why? Alopecia
6 Deserter Matthew Dear Asa Breed
7 Re-Offender Travis 12 Memories
8 Release The Beast Breakwater Discovered – A Collection of Daft Punk samples
9 See See Clark Throttle Promoter
10 Acrostico Gui Boratto Chromophobia
11 Wake Me Up Tone Small Arm of Sea
12 And You Too Surkin Action Replay
13 Heartbeat (The Field Remix) Annie Heartbeat
14 Risa Fredo Viola The Turn
15 Sleeping Song Sebastien Schuller Happiness
16 The Tease is Over Luomo Paper Tigers
17 Hellomusic Melodium La Tête Qui Flotte
18 For The Trees Matmos Matador At Fifteen (Disc 1)
19 Black Moss Caves Pt.1 Secret Frequency Crew Forest of the Echo Downs
20 Say Goodbye Papas Fritas Helioself
21 Dad, There’s a Little Phrase Called Too Much Information Out Hud S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D.
22 La Luna Matt Bianco
23 Everyday The Field From Here We Go Sublime
24 These Things Lusine Inside Out EP
25 Coat Plaid P-Brain EP
26 Glory Times (edit) Portishead Glory Times

[audio:radio-archives/2008-01-29-5pm.mp3] 2008-01-29 5pm

[audio:radio-archives/2008-01-29-6pm.mp3] 2008-01-29 6pm

Workin’ hard at Startup Weekend Seattle

Originally uploaded by Andrew-Hyde

The company is called skillbit and we are moving along nicely. More to come post-event.

Delivery is futile

I just received my third and “final” notice on the front of my apartment building from UPS unsuccessfully trying to deliver a package for me. These three from UPS follow a mid-December attempt to deliver the same package via FedEx unsuccessfully with three attempts.

This is a problem.

I am not around consistently during the day. They require signature confirmation. My apartment building will not accept the package for me and it is not secure to leave it here. They don’t have an accessible location for me to go pick up my package manually.

I’m going to give them a call now to see what they can do. Shouldn’t there be a better system surrounding this process?

Update: The closest FedEx center (from my past attempt) would have required a 3 hour round trip bus mess or an hour long trip with a vehicle. Now, with UPS, it’s the same inconvenient mess.

They will hold the package for 5 business days in a location unreachable by me. Now what?

Update 2: I take back anything bad I might have said about UPS. I called again and not only was the speech translation fast and accurate, but they allowed me to set a new delivery location. Sweet!

Gui Boratto – Hera

His album Chromophobia is amazing. Obtain it.

[audio:mp3s/gui_boratto-hera.mp3] Gui Boratto – Hera

I’m leaving in 45 minutes to go see him perform at the Nectar in Fremont. Lusine is opening and it should be amazing. Actually, this is both my first 21+ only show and my first authentically electronic show — should be an experience.

It works. Wait, no. Okay, now things are fine. I hope.

I have a love-hate relationship with my Apple laptops. Sometimes they are beautiful. Sometimes they drive me absolutely crazy.

My last laptop was a 1st gen MacBook (black) and I had it in to the shop three times for a full week each while I owned it. It drove me absolutely up the wall. Then I bought a 2nd gen MacBook Pro (15″) and it was great for about 9 months then it gracefully but quickly stopped recognizing the physical trackpad and keyboard properly. Luckily I had a week-long backpacking trip planned to take my current laptop in over the summer but that time is not often available.

There was an issue with Leopard that gave all sorts of users problems where things would stop responding for a few seconds to a few minutes which they claim to have fixed in the latest software update (of 2007-12-18). There are other issues that I see online that Apple has not fixed yet, though. I’ve been losing sensitivity off and on the last week or so again. I sure hope that it’s fixable through software and that they fix it before it becomes a serious issue. I cannot lose the use of this machine — it is my primary and my only work and home computer.

I really wish Apple would put a little more care into fixing these things before releasing their products. I’m sure they do put a lot of care, but I can’t help but feel like they could do a lot better.

Acceptable guilty pleasures

I just made pancakes for breakfast for the second time in three days and they are delicious. I didn’t think twice about making them for my meal even though they are extremely low on nutrition and high on the quantity-eaten-per-meal. These really aren’t a good meal to have, but we (as americans) accept them as a reasonable choice of meal that is rarely frowned upon.

It got me thinking. Are there other similar guilty pleasures that we often indulge in?

It’s not good to have too many guilty pleasures, but there are probably a lot that we don’t think twice about even though they might not be as wise as other choices.

Rainydawg Radio, Season 3, Show 2

Name Artist Album
1 The Gentle Rain (RJD2 Remix) Astrud Gilberto Verve Remixed 3
2 Just Can’t Get Enough Depeche Mode
3 Idealistic Digitalism Digitalism
4 Where’s Your Head At Basement Jaxx Rooty
5 Flash Light Parliament
6 Double Drums (DJ Dsl Mix) Peace Orchestra !K7
7 Give Me Love Cerrone A Night At The Playboy Mansion // Dimitri From Paris
8 Lipstick Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band Your New Best Friend
9 Say It (Soul Seekerz RMX) Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad Remixes
10 Gypsy Woman (Acapella) / Gypsy Woman (Dim’s Special Re-Touch) Crystal Waters / Montefiori Cocktail In The House // Dimitri From Paris
11 It’s The Beat Simian Mobile Disco Attack Decay Sustain Release
12 Someone’s Second Kiss RJD2 Since We Last Spoke
13 Sexy Results (MSTRKRFT Remix) Death From Above 1979 MSTRKRFT++
14 He’s on the phone Saint Etienne Tiger Bay
15 Resurrection d’Une Idole Po Rinôçerôse Music Kills Me
16 Boogie No More Richard Dorfmeister vs. Madrid De Los Austrias
17 Colours (Fred Falke Remix) Hot Chip
18 Heartbeat Annie Anniemal
19 He Keeps Me Alive Sally Shapiro Disco Romance
20 At Night (Alan Braxe Remix) Shakedown The Upper Cuts
21 Partymadchen Gefoltert Stereo Total Do The Bambi!
22 Dance Me Telepopmusik Genetic World
23 So Much Love To Give Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon

[audio:radio-archives/2008-01-22-5pm.mp3] 2008-01-22 5pm

[audio:radio-archives/2008-01-22-6pm.mp3] 2008-01-22 6pm

Rainydawg Radio, Season 3, Show 1

Name Artist Album
1 Micronomic (Boom Bip Remix) Lali Puna Micronomic
2 You Know Me Better Roisin Murphy Overpowered
3 West Side Studio Yearbook 1
4 Rich Girls The Virgins The Virgins ’07
5 Dark Side of the Sun Modeselektor Dark Side of the Sun
6 Summer Party Breakbot Happy Rabbit / Summer Party
7 We Won’t Break (His Majesty Andre Too Late Remix) Zoot Woman
8 holograft Marumari Supermogadon
9 Cat People Cujo Adventures in Foam
10 Archangel (Boy 8-Bits Simple Re-mix) Burial
11 Spiritual Home Nomak Calm
12 Plane That Draws A White Line Alias & Tarsier Brooklyn/Oaklyn
13 Crazy Disco Party Wagon Christ Tally Ho!
14 Eye Sore Eliot Lipp Digital EP
15 Pagan Poetry Bjork Vespertine
16 Beautiful You Lateef & The Chief Ambush
17 What It Look Like Spank Rock YoYoYoYoYo
18 Step Up Jaconfetti The Rainbow Express
19 From Inner Shadow to Outer Shadow Bubblyfish 8bitpeoples Disc 1
20 Future Umbrella Shugo Tokumaru Exit
21 Jigsaw Falling Into Place Radiohead In Rainbows
22 Are You Ready Ferry Corsten L.E.F.
23 Midnight In Galaxy Sebastien Leger Midnight In Galaxy/Diametrik Acidness
24 Tubby Rom Module Disrupt Foundation Bit
25 I’ll Never Know KID
26 sunsethighway Kiln Dusker
27 Bloodstream Stateless Stateless

[audio:radio-archives/2008-01-17-5pm.mp3] 2008-01-17 5pm

[audio:radio-archives/2008-01-17-6pm.mp3] 2008-01-17 6pm

Fredo Viola

This guy is great. It’s sort of acapella mixed with 60′s Pink Floyd mixed with some TMBG-emulating (parody?) tracks with many of the vocal qualities of The Hidden Cameras and some wildly ambient and psychedelic parts. That’s probably a good description of him — possibly overkill. I’m not sure about some parts of it, but his album The Turn (it’s not out yet) is not something I’d pass up.

[audio:mp3s/fredo_viola-the_turn.mp3] Fredo Viola – The Turn

[audio:mp3s/fredo_viola-let_the_sad_out.mp3] Fredo Viola – Let The Sad Out

And a video for his track The Sad Song that’s slightly creepy and ethereal.

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