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Poorleno Mixtape #3

Name Artist Album
1 Superlangalang!
2 Joe Le Taxi Stereo Total My Melody
3 C’mon Junior Senior D-D-Don’t Don’t Stop The Beat
4 For My People (ft. Supernatural) Z-Trip Shifting Gears
5 Thriller Virt
6 Sister Saviour The Rapture Echoes
7 This Room The Notwist Neon Golden
8 Globally Yours Minizza Music For Girls
9 What You Waiting For (Thin White Duke Remix) Gwen Stefani
10 Bit Rate Variations in B-Flat (Girl) Beck Hell Yes EP
11 Drop The Pressure Mylo Destroy Rock & Roll

Run Time: 44 minutes, 26 seconds

I now present you the third poorleno mixtape. I think this marks the point where it’s not just something I did a couple times for fun but rather the turning point that this is an actual ongoing thing for me. It’s amazing how easy and fun it is to go through and compile a mix of a bunch of tracks I enjoy and put them together for these things. Also, I’ve found that doing this on 2-week intervals (average) gives me time to listen to music and jot down tracks I think would be good for the mixtape. Anyways, enjoy the mix. I put in several personal favorites that I haven’t mixtaped yet. I’ll be out of the country for a month pretty soon so I’ll try to push out another mixtape before I head out.

DOWNLOAD: (192kbps MP3, 61.1MB)

Poorleno Mixtape #2

Name Artist Album
1 Shower Scene Saint Etienne Finisterre
2 Wadidyusay? Zap Mama Ancestry In Progress
3 Stunt 101 G-Unit Ratatat Remixes Mixtape Vol. 1
4 Roy Walker Belle and Sebastian Dear Catastrophe Waitress
5 Workinonit J Dilla Donuts
6 I Found Love Styrofoam and Sarah Shannon The Now Sound Redesigned
7 More Than This Roxy Music Avalon
8 Resurrection d’Une Idole Po Rinôçerôse Music Kills Me
9 Playboy Hot Chip Coming On Strong
10 What Else Is There? Röyksopp The Understanding
11 Walk With Me Terranova Peace Is Tough

Run Time: 41 minutes, 29 seconds

Well, here’s the second mixtape. I am going to target posting a new mixtape every two weeks or so even though this one took a little longer than that. I actually pulled together almost enough tracks for two mixtapes so maybe I’ll put together the next one pretty soon and have it ready to post on time in two weeks. I have also made some changes to the sites RSS Feed so you can subscribe to it as an iTunes podcast and have new mixtapes downloaded automatically when they are posted on the site. Well, enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: (192kbps MP3, 57MB)

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